MCW ABC Volleyball and Cross Country 

ABC Volleyball and Cross Country starts
August 17, 2015.
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Martin County West, a consolidated district comprised of the former
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established in 1988.
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Summer Safety

Summer is a time filled with fun outdoor activities. Many families enjoy camping trips, picnicking at parks, or taking walks together. Kids spend countless hours riding bike, swimming, and playing outside with friends. Enjoying these activities is an important part of summer vacation. To make the most of your time outside, consider the safety tips below.
  • Wear a helmet when riding bike, scooters, skateboards, 4-wheelers, etc. Parents should also set a good example for their kids by wearing a helmet.
  • Closely supervise children when they are swimming in pools, lakes, creeks, and other water locations. Don’t let cell phones and conversations with friends distract from supervising kids in the water.
  • Watch for ticks and mosquitoes. When playing outside, children should wear an appropriate insect repellant to reduce bites.
  • Be aware of the sun. Try to plan activities to avoid peak sun hours, wear protective clothing, and follow the directions for applying sunscreen.
  • Stay hydrated when outdoors. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to get a drink, instead drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after outside activities.
  • Keep children away from the grill and campfires.
  • More information about these and other tips can be found online at
Memories of fun family times will last a lifetime. Take a moment to keep your family safe while participating in these summer activities.
Allison Schmidt, Superintendent



Summer Reminders:

  • Please call (764-4671) or email ( ) if your contact information changes over the summer. This includes your physical address, mailing address, phone numbers, email address, etc.

  •  If you have a new family in your neighborhood please encourage them to call us at 764-4671 over the summer. This allows them to receive summer newsletter with back to school information.

  •  Report cards for students in grades 7-12 are available to be picked up at the MCW Jr/Sr High School in room 5 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

  • Both elementary playgrounds are not available for children to use this summer due to the heavy equipment and busy construction people working in those areas. Please find an alternate place for them to play this summer.

  • If you need to contact staff from the Central Office, Sherburn Elementary, Trimont Elementary, or Community Education please call 764-4671 or email the individual you are trying to reach.

  •  Orientation for 7th graders, 9th graders and new students at MCW Jr/Sr High School is September 3rd – see the enclosed flyer.


2015 - 2016 School Year

July 20-24 -- Summer School
July 27-31 -- Summer School
August 3-7 -- Summer School
August 17 -- ABC Volleyball and Cross Country start
August 17-21 -- Registration for K-12 Grades @ Jr/Sr HS
August 24-28 -- Registration for K-12 Grades @ Jr/Sr HS
August 31 - Teacher Workshop
Sept 1 - Teacher Workshop
Sept 2 - Teacher Workshop
Sept 3 - Transition Day 7th & 9th Graders 8:30-Noon 
Sept 3 - Teacher Workshop (7-12) (1/2 Day)
Sept 7 - Labor Day- No School
Sept 8 - School Begins for Grades 7-12 Only
Sept 8 - Gr K-6 Workshop 8 AM - Noon
Sept 8 - Gr K-6 P/T Conf. Noon - 8 PM
Sept 9 -  Gr K-6 P/T Conf. 8 AM - 12 PM
Sept 10 - Grades K-12 in Session
Oct 6 - Midquarter
Oct 15 - MEA - No School
Oct 16 - MEA - No School
Nov 6 - End of 1st Quarter
Nov 19 - K-12 P/T Conferences 4-8 PM
Nov 20 - Teacher Workshop
Nov 24 - K-6 P/T Conferences 4-8 PM
Nov 26 - Fall Break (NO School)
Nov 27 - Fall Break (NO School)
Dec 11 - 
Dec 23 - Jan 1 - Winter Break ( NO School)
Jan 4 - School Resumes
Jan 22 - End of 2nd Quarter
Jan 25 - Teacher Workshop
Feb 15 - President's Day - No School
Feb 22 - K-12 P/T Conferences 4-8 PM
Feb 26 - Midquarter
March 24 - Spring Break (NO School)
March 25 - Spring Break (No School)

April 1 - End of 3rd Quarter
April 29 - Midquarter
May 30 - Memorial Day- No School
June 2 - Last Day for Students
June 3 - 1/2 Day Teacher Workshop
June 5 - Graduation
  • The make-up days may be December 23, February 15, the end of the year, and may include the use of extended days. The dates listed above may not be made up in the order listed. Additional make-up days may be added at the end of the year if necessary.


If  you have any pictures of school events and activities that you would like to share wirh our webpage , please email them to the Webpage Admin. They will be placed on our site.
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