WELCOME to 4th Grade!

Remember that Mr. Bob Millette will be your child's teacher for the next
7 weeks. If you have any concerns please call the office .

We plan on building a cereal fort in our classroom this year.
Please save your cereal boxes for our class.

Keep reading with your child every day.
They should be reading at least 20 minutes a day!

If you happen to be on my web site and are reading this
note. Please put a note in your child's planner that you have
looked at my web site. I need to know if anyone ever looks at
the reading, spelling and math materials that I put on this site.
Your Child will be given a small prize if you are reading this and
let me know. Thank you !
 Well so far only 1 parent has read this. Thank you to that parent.
Kathy Neppl