After Prom Party

Thank You

The MCW After-Prom Committee would like to thank the following people for their donations of time, money, and/or gifts..
...the area businesses
…the local organizations
…the Jr. parents for their contribution to the fundraiser and for their time to serve on the committee
…the public for their free-will donation at the door the night of Grand March
…the individuals that helped set up, chaperone, and clean-up for the After-Prom Party
…The Sherburn Legion who let us use their facility and provided help in preparing the meals for our Prom Dinner
…the MCW High School and staff for letting us use their facility for the After Prom Party and for helping us plan and organize
…and to the Jrs. And Srs. And their guests who came and made the MCW After-Prom a GREAT SUCCESS!

The After Prom Party is truly a joint effort on the part of the community. We thank you for your help!

Thank You!

The MCW After Prom Committee