Chapter 3
 During this chapter, students learn to:
Take a survey, and collect and represent data on line plots,
graphs, tables, and charts. Identify the mode, median, and
outliers of a set of data. Interpret a bar graph.

3-8 Determine possible outcomes
3-9 Probablility

Chapter 4
Finding factors and multiples of whole numbers.
Recall multiplication and division facts through 12.
Understand how multiplication and division are related
and use multiplication properties and division rules.
4-1 Meaning of Multiplication and Division
4-2 Multiplication Properties and Division Rules
4-3 Multiply and Divide facts through 5
4-4 Problem Solving
4-5 Multiply and Divide Facts through 10
4-6 Multiply with 11 and 12
4-7 Problem Solving
4-8 Multiply 3 numbers
4-9 Factors and Multiples